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 guide from OHG

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PostSubject: guide from OHG   guide from OHG EmptyJune 15th 2012, 1:31 am

Must know how to do value searches and how to use the browser/memory viewer.


Step 1,
First off, in order to mod, you need to be host of party.

Step 2,
Edit search settings to Starting Address 0x09D0000 and Ending Address 0x09E0000.

Step 3,
Now, to mod someone's name, you first have to do a search for the person's name. So let's say the person's name is ABC. You will be searching only the first two letter's of the person's name. So, the values for AB would be 41 and 42. So you do an exact search for those two values (you search them under HEX). HOWEVER, you want to remember that when searching for values, the HEX is reversed. So, instead of searching for 41004200, you would search 00420041(remember to put two zero's between each value).

Step 4,
After you have searched for the name, you should have about a dozen or so results. The name address will be the last result. Select the result and copy the address. Now go into the browser and paste the address. If you did everything right, you should see the person's name.

Step 5,
After your done modding the person's name, tell them to go to your room. If you did everything right, they should be able to see their new modded name. Tell them to save.


Step 1,
Just do the same thing as Step 1-4 above.

Step 2,
Now, once you've found the name address, scroll down 9 lines. Now, move right 9 spaces(it's weird I know lmao). This should be the starting address for the clothes mod(in other words, this is the address for shirts). If it's not, just mess around with the values in that area till you find the exact spot.

Step 3,
Same as Step 5 above.

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PostSubject: Re: guide from OHG   guide from OHG EmptyJune 16th 2012, 1:49 pm

Haha if only clothes were as easy to mod as names, well they are but sometimes you're missing hands legs arms necks that and you need to know the value of the outfit, so I recommend trying clothes modding after beating hard mode since it unlocks all oufits.

EDIT: Oh and this guide I think is for any cheat device that has search settings such as TempAR, not sure if nitePR has a working feature

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guide from OHG

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