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 Something for FTB3

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Something for FTB3 Empty
PostSubject: Something for FTB3   Something for FTB3 EmptyApril 3rd 2012, 2:21 pm

basicly this does a Txt mod on most of the txt in the game. this is my older version that does all the menus and all that nonsense. Now i have a version that does all menus, weapons, and in game makes peoples names appear as what slot # they are, plus the new version can be on all the time. But that will remain vip as well as all my other coding projects, the people of socom showed me they dont deserve anything so they wont get anything.

the one rule with this older version of my txt mod is that if you green up with it on you freeze(or turn it on in game). the txt mod welcome needs to be kept off under the same circumstances and cannot be on in the offline armory menu. i MIGHT release v2 if the game still has any activity and people dont keep acting like a**holes, but the rest of my stuff if a no no for release

Things fixed in Txt Mod v2:

MIC is txt modded, had freezeing issues similar to the welcome message mod in v1

Txt mod no longer freezes you in game(no need to turn off and on)

Txt mods all the weapons names to be their real life counterparts

txt mods all the map names just for the hell of it

built in the welcome message txt mod, no longer freezes in single player

credits now is a list of all the coders that have done something worthwhile in this game

slot identification, everybodies name apears as what slot number they are for easy slot boot/slot killing, need to turn off code to see real name

txt modded various little things i missed in v1, and all the in game words

#Txt Mod v1
0x00DA80A4 0x00736E6F
0x00D9BB70 0x70616557
0x00D9BB74 0x00736E6F
0x00DA34B4 0x6F6F5220
0x00D54A80 0x6B636142
0x00D5AB70 0x6B636142
0x00DA3AF4 0x7473694C
0x00DA3AF8 0x00
0x00D64080 0x61657243
0x00D64084 0x52206574
0x00D64088 0x006D6F6F
0x00D53780 0x6B636142
0x00D53800 0x6B636142
0x00D86E30 0x706D6143
0x00D92EA4 0x6E654D20
0x00D9FC24 0x00736E6F
0x00D6EBA4 0x61472074
0x01075184 0x66666F20
0x01075188 0x646E6120
0x00D97800 0x6B636142
0x00D97830 0x6B636142
0x00D77ED0 0x6B636142
0x00DD6374 0x006E6F69
0x00D6EBA0 0x72617453
0x00DF1200 0x6B636142
0x00DF1230 0x6B636142
0x00DA7FB8 0x00007374
0x00DA8620 0x5F586158
0x00DA8624 0x656F6850
0x00DA8628 0x0078696E
0x00D6D950 0x6B636142
0x00D6F640 0x6B636142
0x00D70300 0x6B636142
0x00D71970 0x6B636142
0x00D72140 0x6B636142
0x00D5D980 0x6B636142
0x00D5D9B0 0x6B636142
0x00D5DBF0 0x6B636142
0x00D5DF80 0x6B636142
0x00D60000 0x6B636142
0x00DA3304 0x5220656E
0x00DA3308 0x206D6F6F
0x00DA330C 0x7473694C
0x00DA3310 0x00
0x00D92EA0 0x6E69614D
0x00D86E38 0x70614D20
0x00D53E00 0x00
0x01075170 0x74654C0A
0x00D53F70 0x6B636142
0x00D53FF0 0x6B636142
0x00D54800 0x6B636142
0x00DA17C0 0x6B636142
0x00DA20D0 0x6B636142
0x00D6AB40 0x6B636142
0x00D6AB40 0x6B636142
0x00D6AE60 0x6B636142
0x00D67CB4 0x7463
0x00DA2370 0x6B636142
0x00DA2850 0x6B636142
0x00D915A0 0x6B636142
0x00D91970 0x6B636142
0x00D95790 0x6B636142
0x00D95AF0 0x6B636142
0x00D95B20 0x6B636142
0x00D53DF8 0x0079616C
0x00D9FC20 0x70616557
0x00DA8D6C 0x00
0x00DA7F18 0x006D6165
0x00DA33C0 0x6E65704F
0x00DA33C4 0x77654E20
0x00DA33C8 0x6F6F5220
0x00DA33CC 0x006D
0x00DA34B0 0x6E696F4A
0x00DC9C50 0x656C6553
0x00DC9C54 0x7463
0x00D71A30 0x656C6553
0x00D71A34 0x7463
0x00DD2600 0x656C6553
0x00DD2604 0x7463
0x00DD6540 0x70616843
0x00DF3890 0x6B636142
0x00DF3860 0x6B636142
0x00D5DB58 0x62626F4C
0x00D5DB5C 0x79
0x01075174 0x654B2073
0x00D63C90 0x696C6E4F
0x00DA8560 0x65657247
0x00D92FA0 0x6B636142
0x00D94040 0x6B636142
0x00D94070 0x6B636142
0x00D95360 0x6B636142
0x00D86E34 0x6E676961
0x00DA8564 0x7055206E
0x00DA7F10 0x6E616843
0x00DA4914 0x5220656C
0x00D86E3C 0x00
0x00D53DF0 0x696C6E4F
0x00D53DF4 0x5020656E
0x00D927E0 0x6B636142
0x00D928E0 0x6B636142
0x00DA8568 0x00
0x00DA8D60 0x656D6147
0x00DA8D64 0x74654420
0x00DA8D68 0x736C6961
0x00D5C770 0x6B636142
0x00D63C94 0x5020656E
0x00D63C98 0x0079616C
0x00D623C0 0x62626F4C
0x00D62580 0x62626F4C
0x010751A4 0x58206F74
0x010751A8 0x505F5861
0x010751AC 0x6E656F68
0x01075198 0x0A0A6E61
0x0107519C 0x636C6557
0x010751A0 0x20656D6F
0x00DEB680 0x6B636142
0x00D71F60 0x656C6553
0x00D71F64 0x7463
0x00DD51B0 0x656C6553
0x00DD51B4 0x7463
0x00DD6AF0 0x656C6553
0x00DD6AF4 0x7463
0x00D77E00 0x656C6553
0x00DA4918 0x206D6F6F
0x00DA491C 0x6F666E49
0x00D9FEC0 0x6972614D
0x00D60030 0x6B636142
0x00D98900 0x6B636142
0x00D98930 0x6B636142
0x00D9BD60 0x6B636142
0x00D9D920 0x6B636142
0x0107518C 0x65654B20
0x01075190 0x74692070
0x00DF2C10 0x6B636142
0x00DF3120 0x6B636142
0x00D8A910 0x6B636142
0x00D91BA0 0x6B636142
0x00D921A0 0x6B636142
0x00D922A0 0x6B636142
0x00D96950 0x6B636142
0x00D9DFA0 0x6B636142
0x00D9F8A0 0x6B636142
0x00D9FB10 0x6B636142
0x00D72170 0x6B636142
0x00DA89F0 0x6E727554
0x00DA89F4 0x66664F20
0x00DA89F8 0x74785420
0x00DA7FB4 0x7369726F
0x01075194 0x656C4320
0x00DA4B00 0x6B636142
0x00DA6500 0x6B636142
0x00DA6620 0x6B636142
0x00D65E20 0x656C6553
0x00D65E24 0x7463
0x00DA2960 0x656C6553
0x00DA2964 0x7463
0x00D66540 0x656C6553
0x00D7B880 0x6B636142
0x00D86F60 0x6B636142
0x00D87250 0x6B636142
0x00D66544 0x7463
0x00DA4C40 0x656C6553
0x00D63F40 0x6B636142
0x00D64E60 0x6B636142
0x00D65C10 0x6B636142
0x00D66670 0x6B636142
0x00D5A5C0 0x70616557
0x00D5A5C4 0x00736E6F
0x00DA38B4 0x00687365
0x00DA3AF0 0x2070614D
0x010751B0 0x43207869
0x010751B4 0x6E69646F
0x010751B8 0x0067
0x00DD6370 0x7373694D
0x00D6D920 0x6B636142
0x00D77EA0 0x6B636142
0x00DC3610 0x6B636142
0x00DE2880 0x6B636142
0x00DA4C44 0x7463
0x00D666A0 0x6B636142
0x00D67BB0 0x6B636142
0x00D67BE0 0x6B636142
0x00D67E60 0x6B636142
0x00D6AB10 0x6B636142
0x00DB7840 0x656C6553
0x00DB7844 0x7463
0x00D8AFB0 0x6B636142
0x00D90840 0x6B636142
0x00D90940 0x6B636142
0x00D606C0 0x6B636142
0x00D60EB0 0x6B636142
0x00D620E0 0x6B636142
0x00D90E70 0x6B636142
0x00D90F70 0x6B636142
0x00D623C4 0x79
0x00D665D0 0x62626F4C
0x00D665D4 0x79
0x00D914A0 0x6B636142
0x00D7A5D0 0x6B636142
0x00D87910 0x6B636142
0x00D87B50 0x6B636142
0x00D882F0 0x6B636142
0x00D88410 0x6B636142
0x00D89780 0x6B636142
0x00D8A250 0x6B636142
0x00DD6544 0x00726574
0x00D6A960 0x656C6553
0x00D6A964 0x7463
0x00DBBE40 0x656C6553
0x00DA89FC 0x646F4D20
0x00DA8A00 0x66654220
0x00DA8A04 0x2065726F
0x00DA8A08 0x72617453
0x00DA8A0C 0x676E6974
0x00D62430 0x6B636142
0x00D63A80 0x6B636142
0x00D63AB0 0x6B636142
0x00D7A480 0x6B636142
0x00D679D0 0x656C6553
0x00D679D4 0x7463
0x00D67CB0 0x656C6553
0x00D62584 0x79
0x00747584 0x72616D69
0x00DDBCB0 0x6B636142
0x00DDE720 0x6B636142
0x00DE1830 0x6B636142
0x00DE1B80 0x6B636142
0x00DA3260 0x6B636142
0x01075178 0x74207065
0x0107517C 0x43206568
0x01075180 0x7365646F
0x00DEA360 0x6B636142
0x00DEB650 0x6B636142
0x00DC3130 0x6B636142
0x00DC3300 0x6B636142
0x00DE2818 0x00737461
0x00DD4EC0 0x70616557
0x00747554 0x6F636553
0x00747558 0x7261646E
0x0074755C 0x0079
0x00D53B20 0x656C6553
0x00D53B24 0x7463
0x00D96654 0x7463
0x00D59EA0 0x656C6553
0x00D59EA4 0x7463
0x00D54310 0x656C6553
0x00DEB984 0x64657243
0x00DEB988 0x3A737469
0x00DEB9A4 0x6E656F68
0x00DEB9A8 0x000A7869
0x00DEB98C 0x6C530A0A
0x00D60E20 0x656C6553
0x00D60E24 0x7463
0x00DE2810 0x6F2D6F43
0x00DE2814 0x74532070
0x00D605A0 0x6B636142
0x00D6EBA8 0x0000656D
0x00DA4910 0x67676F54
0x00DBD3A0 0x6B636142
0x00DBD540 0x6B636142
0x00DC29C0 0x6B636142
0x00747588 0x0079
0x00DD4E10 0x6B636142
0x00DD5E10 0x6B636142
0x00DD60A0 0x6B636142
0x00DD6E70 0x6B636142
0x00DE3460 0x6B636142
0x00DE3560 0x6B636142
0x00DE8C20 0x6B636142
0x00D92EA8 0x0075
0x00DA3300 0x696C6E4F
0x00D9FEC4 0x0073656E
0x00DD4EC4 0x53206E6F
0x00DD4EC8 0x73746174
0x00DEB980 0x20676E69
0x00DEB9AC 0x00000000
0x0074170A 0x6E4F
0x0074752C 0x72747845
0x00747530 0x0061
0x00DD6B90 0x61666544
0x00DD6B94 0x00746C75
0x0074170C 0x6F4D2065
0x00741710 0x746E656D
0x00DD6E80 0x65736552
0x00DC2954 0x6C61
0x00DD2970 0x706D6F43
0x00DD2974 0x74697465
0x00DD2978 0x20657669
0x00DD297C 0x74617453
0x00D8C6A0 0x6B636142
0x00D8CA40 0x6B636142
0x00D978C0 0x656C6553
0x00D9DF10 0x656C6553
0x00DA4A94 0x79
0x00DA4C50 0x62626F4C
0x00D66AB0 0x62626F4C
0x00D66AB4 0x79
0x00DA31F0 0x62626F4C
0x00DA31F4 0x79
0x00DA33B0 0x62626F4C
0x00DA33B4 0x79
0x00DC59C4 0x7463
0x00D8E150 0x656C6553
0x00D8E154 0x7463
0x00D9D890 0x656C6553
0x00D9D894 0x7463
0x00DEB970 0x6F636F53
0x00DA7590 0x6B636142
0x00DB7730 0x6B636142
0x00DA4C54 0x79
0x00D66730 0x69636F53
0x00D66734 0x6C61
0x00DA3740 0x69636F53
0x00D8D240 0x6B636142
0x00DBA330 0x6B636142
0x00DBA360 0x6B636142
0x00DBBB60 0x6B636142
0x00D8F9C0 0x656C6553
0x00D8D4C0 0x6B636142
0x00D8DA20 0x6B636142
0x00D8E0C0 0x6B636142
0x00D5FDA4 0x7463
0x00D603D0 0x656C6553
0x00D603D4 0x7463
0x00D63D50 0x656C6553
0x00D9E524 0x796F
0x00D9FAF0 0x6C706544
0x00D8F8B0 0x6B636142
0x00D8E910 0x6B636142
0x00DA3744 0x6C61
0x00DC2950 0x69636F53
0x00D8EA30 0x6B636142
0x00DD2980 0x0073
0x00D8CAF0 0x6B636142
0x00D8D120 0x6B636142
0x00DD6E84 0x0074
0x00D9DF14 0x7463
0x00D62570 0x656C6553
0x00D62574 0x7463
0x00D636E0 0x656C6553
0x00D636E4 0x7463
0x00DEB990 0x20746E61
0x00DEB994 0x20786953
0x00DEB998 0x656D6147
0x00D8B8D0 0x6B636142
0x00D8C000 0x6B636142
0x00D5C8A0 0x656C6553
0x00D5C8A4 0x7463
0x00D5D8C0 0x656C6553
0x00D5D8C4 0x7463
0x00DA33A0 0x6E696F4A
0x00DA33A4 0x00
0x00D54314 0x7463
0x00D59860 0x656C6553
0x00D59864 0x7463
0x00D879A0 0x656C6553
0x00D879A4 0x7463
0x00DD4F40 0x656C6553
0x00DD4F44 0x7463
0x00D88360 0x656C6553
0x00DA6470 0x6C706544
0x00DA6474 0x796F
0x00DDBBF0 0x706D6143
0x00D8EC00 0x6B636142
0x00D88364 0x7463
0x00D88CA0 0x656C6553
0x00D88CA4 0x7463
0x00DA33A0 0x6E696F4A
0x00D8A2C4 0x7463
0x00DBE430 0x656C6553
0x00DBE434 0x7463
0x00D8ADC0 0x656C6553
0x00D8ADC4 0x7463
0x00D8B9E0 0x656C6553
0x00D8B9E4 0x7463
0x00DD5D80 0x656C6553
0x00DD5D84 0x7463
0x00D8C4B0 0x656C6553
0x00DA33A4 0x00
0x00DA33A0 0x6E696F4A
0x00DA33A4 0x00
0x00DA33A0 0x6E696F4A
0x00DA33A4 0x00
0x00DDBBF4 0x6E676961
0x00DDBBF8 0x6F725020
0x00D63D54 0x7463
0x00D64C70 0x656C6553
0x00D64C74 0x7463
0x00D6ACB4 0x7463
0x00D8F8D0 0x6B636142
0x00D900B0 0x6B636142
0x00D6D7D4 0x7463
0x00DC6B00 0x656C6553
0x00DC6B04 0x7463
0x00D6FF20 0x656C6553
0x00D6FF24 0x7463
0x00D77E04 0x7463
0x00D87060 0x656C6553
0x00D87064 0x7463
0x00DE2B80 0x656C6553
0x00DE2B84 0x7463
0x00DF0F00 0x656C6553
0x00DF0F04 0x7463
0x00D89810 0x656C6553
0x00D89814 0x7463
0x00DE1990 0x656C6553
0x00DE1994 0x7463
0x00D8A2C0 0x656C6553
0x00D8D190 0x656C6553
0x00DD7180 0x646E6152
0x00D90270 0x6B636142
0x00DC3E70 0x656C6553
0x00DC3E74 0x7463
0x00D6D7D0 0x656C6553
0x00D8C4B4 0x7463
0x00DD0A70 0x656C6553
0x00DA33A0 0x6E696F4A
0x00DA33A4 0x00
0x00DA33A0 0x6E696F4A
0x00D96650 0x656C6553
0x00DA33A0 0x6E696F4A
0x00DA33A4 0x00
0x00DA33A0 0x6E696F4A
0x00DA33A4 0x00
0x00DA33A4 0x00
0x00D978C4 0x7463
0x00D61D10 0x656C6553
0x00D61D14 0x7463
0x00D5D9A0 0x656C6553
0x00D5D9A4 0x7463
0x00D5DCE8 0x656C6553
0x00D5DCEC 0x7463
0x00D5FDA0 0x656C6553
0x00DEB99C 0x580A0A73
0x00D9FAF4 0x796F
0x00D8F300 0x6B636142
0x00DEB9A0 0x505F5861
0x00DD0A74 0x7463
0x00D8CB70 0x656C6553
0x00D8CB74 0x7463
0x00DBA350 0x656C6553
0x00DBA354 0x7463
0x00D8F110 0x656C6553
0x00D8F114 0x7463
0x00D926F4 0x7463
0x00D92DB0 0x656C6553
0x00D92DB4 0x7463
0x00D78074 0x6C756369
0x00D78078 0x00007974
0x00DCAFC0 0x76726553
0x00D934A0 0x656C6553
0x00DC8C10 0x656C6553
0x00DC8C14 0x7463
0x00DD7184 0x7A696D6F
0x00D90754 0x7463
0x00D90D80 0x656C6553
0x00D90D84 0x7463
0x00D913B0 0x656C6553
0x00DA7EF0 0x6972614D
0x00DA7EF4 0x0073656E
0x00DA7FB0 0x72726554
0x00DA7F14 0x54206567
0x00DA34B8 0x006D
0x00DA38B0 0x72666552
0x00DA80A0 0x70616557
0x00D913B4 0x7463
0x00D919F0 0x656C6553
0x00D919F4 0x7463
0x00D920B0 0x656C6553
0x00D920B4 0x7463
0x00D926F0 0x656C6553
0x00DD7188 0x0065
0x00D9BE20 0x6C706544
0x00D9BE24 0x796F
0x00D9E520 0x6C706544
0x00DDBBFC 0x73657267
0x00DDBC00 0x73
0x00D96A10 0x73726550
0x00D96A14 0x6C616E6F
0x00D96A18 0x74655320
0x00D96A1C 0x676E6974
0x00D96A20 0x0073
0x00D8D194 0x7463
0x00DC2AD0 0x656C6553
0x00DC2AD4 0x7463
0x00D8D860 0x656C6553
0x00D8D864 0x7463
0x00DC59C0 0x656C6553
0x00D9BC64 0x7463
0x00D90150 0x656C6553
0x00D90154 0x7463
0x00D90750 0x656C6553
0x00DC32F0 0x656C6553
0x00DC32F4 0x7463
0x00D8E980 0x656C6553
0x00D8E984 0x7463
0x00DEA244 0x6E676961
0x00DEA248 0x61745320
0x00DEA24C 0x00007374
0x00DD7040 0x74737543
0x00DD7044 0x4D206D6F
0x00DD7048 0x69737369
0x00DD704C 0x00006E6F
0x00DC89E0 0x6B636142
0x00DC9D60 0x6B636142
0x00DC9D90 0x6B636142
0x00DCAE10 0x6B636142
0x00DCAE40 0x6B636142
0x00DEB974 0x46203A6D
0x00DEB978 0x33204254
0x00DEB97C 0x646F4320
0x00DA4A90 0x62626F4C
0x00741714 0x002E2E2E
0x00D8F9C4 0x7463
0x00D9BC60 0x656C6553
0x00747582 0x7250
0x00DBBE44 0x7463
0x00D6ACB0 0x656C6553
0x00DCB340 0x6B636142
0x00DCB370 0x6B636142
0x00DD0D20 0x6B636142
0x00DD0D50 0x6B636142
0x00D934A4 0x7463
0x00D93620 0x656C6553
0x00D93624 0x7463
0x00D954B0 0x656C6553
0x00D954B4 0x7463
0x00D95BB0 0x656C6553
0x00D95BB4 0x7463
0x00DF29E0 0x656C6553
0x00DF29E4 0x7463
0x00DF3600 0x656C6553
0x00DF3604 0x7463
0x00D7ACD0 0x746E6F43
0x00D7ACD4 0x736C6F72
0x00D54820 0x74746553
0x00D54824 0x73676E69
0x00DC8FD0 0x666F7250
0x00DC8FD4 0x20656C69
0x00DC8FD8 0x61746144
0x00D78070 0x66666944
0x00DCAFC4 0x20656369
0x00DCAFC8 0x6F636552
0x00DCAFCC 0x00006472
0x00DCB280 0x72617741
0x00DCB284 0x7364
0x00DC4000 0x6B636142
0x00DC5B70 0x6B636142
0x00DC5BA0 0x6B636142
0x00DC6BA0 0x6B636142
0x00DC8960 0x6B636142
0x00DC8960 0x6B636142
0x00DD28B0 0x6B636142
0x00DD28E0 0x6B636142
0x00DD4CC0 0x6B636142
0x00DEA240 0x706D6143
0x00DEB3D0 0x65646F43
0x00DEB3D4 0x00007372

#Txt Mod: Welcome
0x0107564C 0x4D4F434F
0x01075650 0x5446203A
0x01075654 0x0A0A3342
0x01075698 0x0074
0x01075668 0x73696854
0x0107566C 0x696F5020
0x01075670 0x0A0A746E
0x0107567C 0x58206E61
0x01075680 0x505F5861
0x01075664 0x20646E6F
0x01075678 0x20736920
0x01075640 0x636C6557
0x0107568C 0x6E69646F
0x01075648 0x53206F74
0x01075684 0x6E656F68
0x01075690 0x72502067
0x01075694 0x63656A6F
0x01075644 0x20656D6F
0x01075674 0x73696854
0x01075688 0x43207869
0x01075658 0x43206F4E
0x0107565C 0x7365646F
0x01075660 0x79654220
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PostSubject: Re: Something for FTB3   Something for FTB3 EmptyApril 3rd 2012, 2:27 pm

this was just a copy from the only fb post but if you want to see pics from my see through wall code go here ->https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.189611521104550.48036.100001671113070&type=3

think you might have to add me as a friend but im trying to fix it. dont use this facebook crap much
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PostSubject: Re: Something for FTB3   Something for FTB3 EmptyMay 1st 2012, 2:32 pm

Who actually uses this useless 560 line code?

Still gotta give you credit for the time you obviously put into this code. 560 lines of text mod...
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PostSubject: Re: Something for FTB3   Something for FTB3 EmptyJuly 15th 2012, 3:25 pm

This code isn't meant to be used in your database its a binary hex stringline to be used in a modded cso, it has to be built into a cso, good job phoenix I'm sure this took time
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PostSubject: Re: Something for FTB3   Something for FTB3 Empty

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Something for FTB3

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